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Are you someone who wants to pursue engineering courses abroad but is confused by the options? Do you want to study abroad at a lower cost? When you have multiple options and your decisions are important, a study abroad consultant like Bright can be your guiding light. Their track record, knowledge, and commitment can make them the right guide for your study abroad journey. With our seasoned consultants by your side, you’ll go through your options and choose the best course that aligns with your goals. High tuition fees won’t be a problem, as we will assist you with scholarship applications to reduce your fee burden. Moreover, there are many reasons why you should choose engineering courses available abroad, such as the vast range of specialisations, exposure to a great curriculum, the best job opportunities, and more. Countries such as Latvia and Malta stand out as the best destinations to study electronics engineering, computer science engineering, aviation engineering, robotics, etc. Besides, if you’re someone who has completed PCM from high school with 50% marks, then you’re eligible to study engineering abroad.


Choose a course that aligns with your goals

Diploma In Electronics Engineering

Diploma in Engineering (Electronics) lets you gain knowledge in Electronics theories. It is a popular course with a duration of just 12 months. If you've 60% marks in higher secondary, then you can study for a Diploma in Engineering (Electronics).

Diploma In Electrical Installations

Are you curious to work in the field of electrical and electronic installations? Do you want to gain mastery in such fields? Then a diploma in electronic installations is for you! You can gain knowledge on different topics, such as electrical wiring, circuit design, electronic system installation, troubleshooting, and safety procedures.

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Are you aspiring to be a hardware engineer or industrial engineer? Does studying mechanical engineering appeal to you? Then a diploma in mechanical engineering with a duration of 12 months is for you. At Bright, we offer end-to-end guidance for applying to a diploma course in engineering specialization.


Are you someone with a creative and unique mentality who is curious about physics and mathematics? Then the electronics course is for you. You should have studied a relevant degree with a score of 55% to be eligible to study electronics.

Computer Science Software Engineering

Are you looking for career growth in the IT industry? Then a computer science (software engineering) course will be ideal for you. It also has an added demand, as there is a rising demand for computer scientists in every sector.

Aviation Engineering

Completing an Aviation Engineering degree lets you gain mastery of engineering sciences and makes you apt to become an aviation specialist. This degree is currently offered by the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, with a duration of 4 years.


Elevate your theoretical and practical knowledge in robotics with a Bachelor of Engineering in Robotic Systems and kickstart a dream career in the fields of robotics and automation. The programme duration is 4.5 years.


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Find answers to all your questions

Many BTech specialisations have the most scope abroad, such as electronics engineering, computer science engineering, aviation engineering, robotics, etc.

Leading universities prefer high school-completed students from recognised boards. You should also attempt exams such as the SAT or ACT, as well as language tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL.

You will get scholarships provided that you are eligible (based on your grades and other requirements). It differs from one university to another.

You will be studying engineering courses in abroad for 4 years. This is the case with UG courses, and the duration of PG courses varies.

It is not possible. If you choose the programme that suits your situation, it could speed up your studies so you could pass out quickly.

Language will not be a problem for you, as there are many BTech courses offered in English that you can pursue.

No age limit exists to study BTech overseas. But, still, you can take a look at the age requirements before you apply to any educational institution.

Some nations and universities request entrance exam scores for different exams, such as the SAT or ACT. This requirement varies from one university to another.

The duration of MBBS overseas must be a minimum of 54 months. This should also be inclusive of the internship in the same country.

The education system overseas is quite stringent regarding career gaps. Usually, if you have a 1-year gap, you can still study. However, for more gaps, you need to give justification so that the university grants admission.

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