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V N Karazin kharkiv medical University

About the University
  1. V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is one of the oldest and most respected University of Ukraine.
  2. The University was established in 1805 – 212 years old.
  3. The Medical School of the University was closed down in when all the Universities were closed and in their places divided special places of education were introduced.
  4. In 1934 the University was revived but without the school of medicine. In 1993 the School of Medicine started training students once again.
  5. Today the University has 3700 students out of which there are 2600 foreigners – many of whom are Indians.
  6. Graduates of the school who are in thousands are working as physicians and scientists all over the world including in Canada, USA, France, UK, Hungary, India etc.
  7. It is now not only a leading medical school of Ukraine but is also a leading scientific center.
  8. The School of Medicine closely cooperates colleagues from Kharkiv and Ukraine as well as from other countries. Contracts on exchange of experience, scientific cooperation and carrying out joint research works with the following research and clinical establishments are signed: Kharkiv City Prenatal Center, V. I. Grishchenko Clinic of Reproductive Medicine, University of Aberdeen (UK), IBM Academic Initiative (USA), University of Barcelona (Spain), Roma University (Italy), Institute of Microbiology and Immunology n.a. I. I. Mechnikov AMS Ukraine, Institute of Backbone and Joints Pathology n.a. professor M. I. Sitenko , V. Т. Zaytsev Institute of the General 43 and Urgent Surgery of NAMS of Ukraine, NATO, MCVB (Australia), WSPID (South Africa), The Japanese Society of Gastroenterology (Japan), Ukrainian NDI of Social and Judicial Psychiatry and Narcology of The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, A. I. Meshchaninov Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital of Ambulance and Emergency Medical Service, Swedish Institute (Sweden), School of Public Health (Department of Medicine SUNY Medical Center, USA), The Kharkiv Medical Academy of post degree education, National Medical Academy of post degree Education, Institute of Therapy of NAMS of Ukraine of L. T. Mala, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute" and others.
  9. The school has 11 Departments and candidates from many countries like USA, Israel, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Vietnam, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrai amongst others study here.
  10. Educational rooms are well equipped with all modern computer, multimedia, models, layouts, devices etc.
  11. The Central Scientific Library is the oldest in Ukraine with more than 50,000 unique ancient editions and manuscripts – some as old as 300 years.
  12. The School of Medicine of Karazin University creates ideal conditions for studying fundamental sciences for its students at specialized schools of University.
  13. Classical University approaches to teach students such subjects as biochemistry and nonorganic chemistry, physics and biophysics, mathematics and medical statistics, informatics and computer sciences, philosophy and history, medical biology and genetics, foreign languages and fundamentals of economic theory make our Medical School ‘s graduates be ready for modern, quickly changed, conditions of clinical practice and challenges of medical science.
  14. Comfortable hostels for foreign students are available with all modern facilities. 16. The University has excellent clinical base, some of which include:
    1. Scientific and medical institutions of city: Institute of Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
    2. Mechnicov Institute of microbiology and immunology of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
    3. State Establishment Malay Institute of therapy Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
    4. Grigoriev Institute of Medical Radiology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    5. Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
    6. Institute of Children and Adolescents Health Care Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
    7. Kharkov Railway Hospital,
    8. Kharkov Railway Medical-healthcare establishment,
    9. Kharkov maternity hospital with a neonatal department,
    10. Kharkov Regional Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases,
    11. Polyclinic №6 of Kharkov Moskovsky district,
    12. Regional children's Clinical Hospital,
    13. Kharkov Research Institute of General and Emergency Surgery,
    14. Saltovsky medical complex and others.
1st Year Fees + One Time Charge 4000 USD+1000 USD = 5000 USD 1000 USD + 0 = 1000 USD 6000 USD RS.3,90,000 (approx.)
2nd to 6th year Fees 4000 USD 1000 USD + 200 = 700 USD 5200 USD RS 3,05,000(approx.)

Total Fees includes Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee & Medical Ins. Total fee for 6 years Rs. 18,20,000 (approx.) From 2nd year Tuition Fees also can be paid on half yearly / yearly basis as convenient to the parents. (1 USD = 65 Rupees)

  1. Univesity fees includes study material,exams & Laboratory Fees, No extra charges.
  2. Air port transfer from Kiev to other cities may be approx 100 - 150 $
  3. Medical checkup in Ukraine extra
  4. 1$ = 65 INR for calculation purpose
  5. if any variation in $ rates current rates are applied.
  6. The above mentioned Fees is for calculation purpose & student will have to pay the fees actually mentioned in admission letter or changes if any whatever given by University
  7. VISA Processing, Documentation ,Air ticket ,airport drop and pickup ,consultancy service Charges – 1,45,000=00,Rs. - 20000 1st instalments at Registration time ( Admission Letter in 3-7 days)Rs - 50000 2nd instalment at visa processing,Rs – 75000 at the before Departure
  8. Though due care is taken while preparing this fee structure chart their may be minor changes in the fees depending on the circumstances we are not respo- nsible for the same
  9. Any delay due to afore-mentioned or travel day ,ticketing/flight delay ,act of God , Nature or war or change in Government policy are not the responsibility or liabl- ity of agents or represantative or its associates
  10. There may be changes in above fees Mentioned
  11. Duration – 5.8 years
  12. Medium – English

Tuition Fee -Includes Study Materials, Library Charge, Laboratory Charge & Examination Fee

Hostel Fee-Includes Accommodation, Bedding, Furniture, 24-hrs Electricity, 24-hrs Gas in Separate Kitchen, 24-hrs Hot &Cold water supply and Centralized Room heating system.

Documents required for admission in ukraine for MBBS course:
  • Scanned copy of passing certificate and mark sheet of class 10th - 12th,
  • Scanned copy of passport (if your Passport is ready)
  • Apply immediately for passport. (if your Passport is not ready)
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