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Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

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One of the leading medical universities in the fourth level , which has a long history and glorious tradition. Under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.In terms of Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician holds key positions in the rankings among higher education institutions and higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Educational and scientific achievements of University employees annually presented at international and national educational, medical, pharmaceutical exhibitions, which are awarded medals, diplomas and other awards . In 2016 Lviv National Medical University named Danylo Galician won the Grand Prix "Leader International Activities" and a gold medal "Using complex of modern ICT applications and solutions to improve the quality of education" at the Seventh International exhibition "Modern educational establishments - 2016" (m. Kyiv). At this exhibition Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician also won awards such as the Diploma for achievement presentation and implementation of educational innovation in national educational space and a certificate of quality publications, which the University received a high rating based on scientometric indicator database SciVerse Scopus. For fruitful organizational activities to ensure the quality of national education diplomas of the exhibition "Modern educational establishments - 2016" awarded by the rector of Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician, corresponding member of NAMS Ukraine, Professor Zimenkovsky Boris Semenovich.

At the Eighth International Forum "Innovation in modern education" (c. Kyiv, October 2016), our University became the winners of the competition and the degree and diploma awarded in the category "Innovation of the intensification of international cooperation in education, science and culture." Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician also awarded a diploma "For active participation in innovative educational activities." The Forum at the National Exhibition Contest "outstanding scientific and practical achievements in education" in the "Electronic educational resource" Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician awarded honors electronic educational resources "D362 State Form drugs" and an honorary diploma winner of the competition awarded the Head Department of clinical Pharmacy, pharmacotherapy and medical standardization Professor Andrei Borisovich Zimenkovsky. With the introduction of innovative technologies to improve the quality of the educational process rector of the Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician, corresponding member of NAMS Ukraine, Professor Boris S. Zimenkovsky awarded gratitude Eighth International Forum "Innovation in modern education."

Today Lviv National Medical University named Danylo Galician brings together 6 Faculties , College of Medicine , 78 departments (including 47 clinical and 19 for supporting higher educational institutions of Ukraine), 14 buildings, Dental medical center , educational and industrial pharmacy , botanical garden , CSRL and laboratory of industrial toxicology , research center for testing anticancer drugs, research library ,9 hostels complex student meals, 4 museums, 35 amateur groups, 3 of which have the title of People's, sports camp " Medic " .University annual contingent of about 19,855 people, including 6193 students, more than 1,319 interns and more than 10,000 cadets FPDO. In 2014 he enrolled to study in clinical studies 29 people (including 12 foreigners), the master - 20 people in graduate school - 20 people. Today the university's three doctoral students; 65 graduate students (including three foreigners); 39 Masters; 62 clinical residents (including 22 foreigners), 410 students of medical college.

Last year at the Faculty of Postgraduate Education improved professional level over 10 thousand doctors and pharmacists have undergone postgraduate training 900 interns.In 2014, studies completed 24 clinical residents (including 12 foreigners), 14 Masters, 17 PhD students.Scientific-pedagogical work in 1320 ensureScientists: 1 49 PhD and over 6 96candidate and science, including one 23 professor and 450 associate professors and senior lecturers.Among the faculty of the Lviv National Medical - 4 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 21 academicians and corresponding members of public academies, 7 State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 11 Honoured Science and Technology 5 distinguished educators, 1 Honored worker of physical culture and Sport, 20 honored doctors of Ukraine.

Since 1961, simultaneously with the preparation of national staff, the University carries out training of foreign nationals from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Over the past 50 years produced about 3 thousand doctors and pharmacists foreigners working in many countries. Since 1997 began and dynamic foreign students in English. As of November 1, 2014 at the university in 1139 foreign citizens from 48 countries. Among them 864 person gets education in English, 159 - Ukrainian, 58 - Russian.Faculty of Postgraduate Education only for the years of independent Ukraine trained and retrained 200 thousand doctors and pharmacists.From 1991 University scientists more reserved 8 00 theses. During this period published about 3 thousand. Textbooks, manuals and monographs and more than 3to 5 thousand. Articles.

The University postgraduate 32 specialties and doctorate from 6 specialties. Runs 5 specialized academic councils for defending candidate and doctoral dissertations on 11 specialties. As of January 1, 2016 at the University of planned and implemented 41 doctoral thesis. During last year completed and defended seven doctoral theses, 42 dissertations and 14 master's works. Title professor got 8 people rank of associate professor - 19 people. His professional skills have increased about 380 employees of the University, including abroad.During this same time employees of the University have published 26 books, 31 monograph, 53 textbooks, 2 books, 5 scientific and popular publications, 2 study typical program, more than 1,200 journal articles (including more than 70 articles in international refereed professional journals) and about 950 theses in materials of scientific conferences; 14 guidelines and 11 information sheets approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Obtained 87 patents (including 8 inventions and 79 utility model), 10 certificates of registration of copyright and 5 positive decisions on inventions. For inclusion in the Register of industry innovations from Lviv National Medical Health Ministry submitted a proposal 21. Skilled professionals provide highly specialized medical care to the population of Lviv, Lviv region and inschyh regions of Ukraine. Only the amount of surgery to open heart surgery, carotid arteries, endoscopic, plastic jaw bone, surgery for congenital cleft upper lip and palate and others. is 35% of the total spent in Ukraine. Implemented about 25 thousand new therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

With the participation of university scientists published in magazines «Acta Medica Leopoliensia / Lviv Medical Journal", "Experimental and clinical physiology", "News of Dentistry", "Hepatology", "Medicine railway transport", "Implantology. Periodontics.Osteology "," Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization / Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization »,« The world of orthodontics "," allergy in the child "; collections of scientific works "Drug collection of Shevchenko" and "Actual problems of preventive medicine"; nationwide periodicals - newspaper «Alma Mater" and "public health" and others. University scientists are working closely with colleagues -naukovtsyamy in different areas of medicine and pharmacy. During the past year to more active integration into the European Research Area Danylo Galician Lviv National Medical continued cooperation with Western Scientific Center of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine and Lviv Centre for Scientific Technical and Economic Information (CSTEI).

Over the years Lviv National Medical bahatohh implementing cooperation agreements in science, education and student exchanges with Jagiellonian University (. Krakow, Poland) Wroclaw Medical University Piast Silesia (Wroclaw, Poland), Poznan Medical University Karol Martsinkovskoho (Poznan, Poland), Warsaw medical University (Warsaw, Poland), Lublin medical University Felix Skubichevskoho Lublin (Poland), Silesian medical University (Katowice-Zabrze, Poland), Gdansk medical University (Gdansk, Poland), Rzeszow University (Rzeszow, Poland ), medical University of Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria), peoples' friendship University (Moscow, Russia), St. Petersburg medical University named after I. Pavlov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Institute of Policy and Management in Health Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Niderdandy) and others.Signed cooperation agreement with the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (Poland) and a memorandum of understanding with the Julius Maximilians University of Wurzburg (Germany).

Lviv National Medical Association is a member of regional cooperation on health, science and technology (The Accociation for Regional Coopperation in the fields of Health, Science and Technology - RECOOP HST Association).University scientists involved in international fora, symposia, congresses, conferences, workshops and meetings held in Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Canada, Israel Serbia, Hungary, Armenia, Belarus, Switzerland, Argentina, the Netherlands and others.More than 80 scientists Lviv National Medical are active members of European and international professional societies.Honorary doctorates University is outstanding scientists from leading universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, USA and other countries.


The students' hostels are located near the main academic buildings. Students can be accommodated in 8 hostels with everything needed for studying (including internet clubs and reading rooms), everyday life (with canteens, cafes, the sewing and footwear work-shops, the barber's and the laundry open) and rest ( gyms available).

University Financials Fees ($US per one Academic Year)
  1. Faculty of Medicine
    1. Ukrainian language - 2,500
    2. Russian language - 2,600
    3. English language - 3,600
  2. Faculty of Medicine
    1. Ukrainian language - 2,800
    2. Russian language - 2,900
    3. English language - 3,700
  3. Faculty of Dentistry
    1. Ukrainian language - 2,500
    2. Russian language - 2,600
    3. English language - 3,600
  4. Faculty of Pharmacy
    1. Ukrainian language - 2,300
    2. Russian language - 2,400
    3. English language - 2,800
  5. Preparatory course
    1. Ukrainian language - 1,000
  6. Postgraduate training
    1. Ukrainian language - 2,600
    2. Russian language - 2,600
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