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Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University Yangzhou University
Academic Strength and Environment

Yangzhou University (YZU) is a key comprehensive provincial university, who pioneered in China in the merging of institutions of higher learning. The university was established in 1992 as a merger of 6 colleges namely, Teachers College of Yangzhou, Agricultural College of Jiangsu, Engineering College of Yangzhou, Medical College of Yangzhou, Water Conservancy Engineering College of Jiangsu and Business School of Jiangsu. The history of YZU can be traced back to as early as 1902, when Mr. Zhang Jian, a renowned modern entrepreneur and educator, set up the Teachers School of Tongzhou and Tonghai Agricultural School (which became part of Nantong College later). The former Agricultural School of Jiangsu and Teachers College of Yangzhou, 2 components of the YZU merger, were developed out of the agriculture section of Nantong College and of the literature and history section of Teachers College of Tongzhou respectively. The other four all had a history of more than 60 years.

Currently in YZU there are 34,700 full-time undergraduate students, 8,400 postgraduate (doctorate and master) students and 11,000 students of continuing education. YZU’s 27 colleges offer 107 undergraduate programmes in 11 disciplines. YZU has 6 State-level Specialized Majors, 14 State-level Key Quality Courses, 1 State-level Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course, 3 State-level Teaching Teams, 1 State-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, 2 National Base for Talent Training with Cooperation in Agriculture, Science and Education, 20 Joint Labs with the Central Government, 29 Provincial-level Distinctive Majors, 15 Provincial-level Prestigious Majors and 13 Provincial-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers in Basic Course. 2 majors are approved as State-level Experimental Programme for their innovative modes of talent cultivation. YZU was also winner of the Second Prize of National Award in Teaching as well as Special Award in Teaching in Higher Education in Jiangsu.

About 3,700 faculty and staff members are working in YZU, of which over 2,000 are full-time teachers including 1,200 professors and associate professors and 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In YZU, 23 faculty members enjoy the Special Government Allowance and 29 are entitled Young Expert with Outstanding Contribution. There are over 1,430 supervisors to PhD and master students. As one of the first among colleges and universities allowed to grant master and doctoral degree, YZU now has 7 mobile stations for post-doctors, 11 doctoral programmes in primary-level disciplines, 44 master programmes in primary-level disciplines, as well as 14 granting rights in doctoral and master degree targeting at students for continuing education; YZU has 3 state-level key disciplines ( including 1 cultivation programme), 10 ministerial (provincial-level) key disciplines, 24 ministerial (provincial-level) key laboratories and engineering technology research centers, 84 research institutes and 36 teaching labs (or centers). There are around 1,700 ongoing research projects that receive the total fund of RMB 300 million yuan annually. Since the Ninth Five-Year Plan Period of the country, more than 300 research accomplishments in YZU have received awards at ministerial or provincial-level, among which, Trans-genetic Somatic Cloned Goat, the joint project with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was bulletined as the No. 1 News Report on Fundamental Research in 1999, and Precise Sequencing of Rice No. 4 Chromosome came first as the 2002 Top 10 Scientific News on S & T Progress. 6 projects have got the Second Prize in National Award for S & T Progress, and since 2002, 4 dissertations have been accredited as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. YZU has successfully embarked on a road to serve agricultural and rural development through combining field work, related scientific research and classroom teaching together, with northern Jiangsu as its base to engage the adjacent central and southern Jiangsu areas.

YZU covers an area of about 4,090 mu (or some 273 hectares) with a floor area of 1.49 million square meters. Its eight campuses are located closely in the downtown area of Yangzhou. The University also owns experimental factories, farms, an animal hospital, an affiliated high school and affiliated clinical hospitals with a full range of modern facilities to meet the needs of teaching, research and student internships. YZU attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. It has set up close links and academic relations with a number of institutions of research and higher education in over 30 countries and regions. YZU is accredited the qualification to enroll international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

In the past two decades, through combining, merging, restructuring and self-improvement, YZU is now truly developing in an all-round manner. In the Teaching Assessment of Undergraduate Education organized by China’s Ministry of Education, YZU was rated Excellence. Furthermore, YZU has been awarded the honors of Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province and Model University of Upholding Law in Administration. The CPC YZU Committee was also awarded Outstanding Grass-root Organization by the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Central Committee respectively.

Program Description
Study Duration

6 years (including 1-year Clinical Practice)


To train medical specialists who should have the theories of basic medical and clinical medicine and have the basic skills engaging in medical treatment, prevention or medicine research.

First Semester Chinese Introduction 36
Chinese 216
Advanced Mathematics 54
College Physics 54
Physical Education 36
Second Semester Chinese 216
Physical Education 36
Medical Chemistry 108
Biology and Cell Biology 72
Human Anatomy (Systemic) 138
Third Semester Chinese 216
Physical Education 36
Histology and Embryology 96
Biochemistry 144
Physiology 134
Fourth Semester Chinese 216
Physical Education 36
Pathophysiology 69
Medical Immunology 54
Medical Statistics 72
Human Parasitology 54
Fifth Semester Chinese 216
Medical Microbiology 80
Pathology 120
Pharmacology 90
Sixth Semester Chinese 216
Public Health 54
Epidemiology 36
Diagnostics 144
Medical Imageology 58
Seventh Semester Chinese 216
Human Anatomy (regional) 72
Drug toxicology 18
Science of Operation 72
Traditional Chinese Medicine 72
Internal Medicine 112
Eighth Semester Chinese 216
Internal Medicine 112
Surgery 90
Gynecology and Obstetrics 108
Pediatrics 80
Ninth Semester Chinese 216
Surgery 72
Medical Psychology 18
Clinical Ethics 18
Social Medicine 15
Dermatology and Venereology 54
Forensic Medicine 36
Psychiatry 36
Tenth Semester Nuclear Medicine 20
Neurology 36
Infectious Diseases 36
Ophthalmology 18
Otolaryngology 18
Dentistry 18
Internship and Career

The international students will do the internship in the affiliated hospitals of the university. Before the internship, students are required to reache HSK 3. Medical College of Yangzhou University has 5 affiliated hospitals.

Fee Structure
  • Tuition Fee: RMB 22,000 per year
  • Registration Fee: RMB 400/ Person/Year (first year)
  • Insurance Fee: RMB 600 per year
  • Physical Examine: RMB 60-300/ Person
  • Application for Residence Permission: RMB 400/ Person / 365 Days
  • Accommodation Fee
  • South Triple RMB17.5/ Person/ Day
  • North Triple RMB15/ Person/ Day
  • Accommodation Deposit: RMB 300 Dormitory Fee (paying at least for 150 days in advance)
  • Bedding (optional, cash): RMB 200
  • Living Cost: RMB 500-1,000 per month
  • In Total: RMB 36,835-42,787.5 per year
Degree Awarded

On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the university, if they meet the degree regulations of the university. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). The medical degree can be recognized by MCI, MMC, NMC, WHO, USMEL, MCC

Application Requirements and Materials

Admission Requirements:

  1. 18-35 years old, healthy
  2. Abide by China law and regulations.
  3. High school graduate
Application Materials:
  1. Physical Examination Form
  2. Photocopy of valid passport
  3. 8 Passport-size photos (with electronic photo)
  4. A photocopy of the official high school graduate certificate
  5. A photocopy of the transcript
  6. Guarantee Statement
  7. A letter of Recommendation
  8. Application Form for On-campus Accommodation
  9. Overall Insurance Proposal Form for overseas Students
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