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Wuhan University Wuhan University
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The university owns the most beautiful campus

Wuhan University School of Medicine (formerly The Hubei University of Medicine) is a medical school in Wuhan University, Hubei, China. Wuhan University School of Medicine consists of several sub schools, including the First School of Clinical Medicine, the Second School of Clinical Medicine, School of Basic Medicine, School of Stomatology, School of Public Health and the HOPE Nursing School. It has 3 affiliated hospitals: Renmin Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital and Stomatological Hospital, and additionally 35 teaching hospitals.

Wuhan University MBBS program is a 6 year program including 1 year of internship in hospital. Curriculum includes Chinese language course (including Medical Chinese). Other courses include basic theory courses and practical courses. The College of Foreign Students Education of Wuhan University is a special organ in charge of the university foreign students enrolment, management, and the Chinese language specialty teaching and training, as well as one of the whole China’s examination centers for HSK examination and the examination for the qualifications of the teachers teaching Chinese language to foreign students. The college, with rich teaching resources and a comparatively higher teaching and scientific research level, has teachers teaching Chinese language to foreigners, including professors and associate professors.

Wuhan University School of Nursing invited Project HOPE to assist with the development of a curriculum for baccalaureate, master and doctoral nursing education that will prepare graduates of nursing to be recognized as professionals of high standards in China. Research abroad has revealed that the greatest predictor of positive patient outcomes of health care is based on nursing care by highly educated nurses who are able to teach patients and families how to manage their illnesses, prevent complications and prevent infections. The new teaching approaches in the School of Nursing will involve the student in the teaching learning process with interactive teaching approaches and application in clinical settings concurrent with theory. Emphasis will be on critical thinking, problem solving and communication at all levels.

Wuhan University School of Nursing and Project HOPE as a team envision that the nursing education programs will meet international standards so that the graduates will be able to easily contribute to the improvement of health care in China and learn from other countries of the world ways to enhance the health of the citizens.

Wuhan University, set up in 1893, lies at the foot of picturesque Luojia Hill by the side of the East Lake, the most charming place of Wuhan, a large city of strategic importance in Central China, and is directly under the administration of the Education Ministry of the People’s Republic of China. The university now has 29 colleges and various branches of learning, including science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, education and management, 85 undergraduate specialties, 189 disciplines and specialties awarding master degrees, 99 disciplines and specialties awarding doctorates, 11 post-doctoral research programs, and a number of the State key laboratories, the State’s discipline laboratories, the State’s engineering technology research centers, and national bases for fostering basic science personnel.

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