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Shandong University

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About University
  • A prestigious 100-year old university, one of the oldest and prestigious University in China
  • Ranked 16th overall in China
  • Founded in 1901, it's the 2nd oldest national University in China
  • Well reputed university situated in dynamic city (Jinan-Spring water of city)
  • The English taught MBBS program is quite popular; the curriculum is based of this program is based on the British Commonwealth Educational System.
  • Located in the economic powerhouse and cultural heartland of China, Shandong University (SDU) is one of China's top universities and is well-reputed for world-acclaimed researchers,dedicated teaching staff, and superior campus facilities and services.
  • As a comprehensive university with a wide coverage of academic disciplines, SDU attracts over 3000 international students from over 110 countries each year. Students from various backgrounds give SDU a rich culture mix and contribute to a dynamic learning atmosphere.
  • Studying abroad is both exciting and challenging. At SDU we have over 60 years of experience of welcoming international students into our programs. That's why we have an extensive support network in place and try to make your time at SDU enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • The living expenses in Jinan (The capital of Shandong Province) are also quite low..
Shandong Province
  • Coastal province borders Bohai Sea to the north and Yellow Sea to the southeast.
  • Economic powerhouse and cultural heartland of China.
  • With a history of civilization for over 4600 years.
Jinan City
  • Economic, cultural and transportation hub.
  • Comfortable living atmosphere with hospitable people.
  • "City of Springs"
Scholarships Scholarships available to reward distinguished students and assist financially challenged students.
  1. Chinese government Scholarship
  2. Hanban/ Confucius Institute Scholarship
  3. Confucius China Studies Plan
  4. China Development Bank (CDB) Scholarship
  5. Distinguished Student Scholarship
  6. Excellence Scholarship for Self-Financed Students
Fees of Shandong University
Course Duration: 5+1(Internship)
  1 St Year 2Nd-5Th YEAR
Tuition Fee 45000 RMB/450000 INR 45000 RMB/450000 INR
Hostel Fee 9000 RMB/90000 INR Students can stay in apartment from 2nd year which will cost 5000RMB/YEAR
Residence permit 400 RMB/4000 INR 400 RMB/4000 INR
TOTAL 54400 RMB/544000 INR 50400 RMB/504000 INR

5.04 lakhs/year approx.*

  • Above mention currency is calculated as 1 RMB = 10 INR, Students should check the current rate while paying the fee.
  • Fees should be paid directly to the university by cash/DD/Wire transfer
  • Internship is optional, Can be done in India/China. If student prefers to do internship in China he/she has to pay the university fee.
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