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Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University Jiangsu University
Jiangsu University
About University
  • Jiangsu University (JU), being one of the century old universities in China, is a comprehensive teaching and research -oriented university.
  • Fees is very cheap and the teaching standard is very high.
  • JU is ranked among the best 70 out of 3000 universities in China with strong academic and research advances in the field of medicine.
  • MBBS is the first bachelor's degree program opened to overseas students at JU which began from the year 2005.
  • JU's teaching systems have been developing towards the best with continuous improvements in quality and internationalization
  • JU's MMBS program have so far enrolled hundreds of overseas students from 29 countries and about 130 of them have been graduated from. Many of JU's MBBS graduates have entered medical post-graduation courses, while many others are working as doctors in hospitals around the world.
About the city

Zhenjiang is a culturally and historically renowned city, lying along the bank of the Yangtze River, southeast China. The city is famous for two things to global Chinese and foreign friends. One is Zhenjiang Vinegar, which you can find in almost any Chinese supermarket on this planet..Its is burgeoning in port, trade and tourism.

3 reasons to choose Jiangsu University
  1. Offering 83 undergraduate programs, 170 master programs ,42 Ph.D. Programs and 11 post-doctoral research stations empower not only local people but also internationals.
  2. Famous professors are interested in working with overseas students, providing them expertised training and experience to meet the global demand for a quality driven workforce.
  3. Good facilities, beautiful environment and a well-organized Overseas Education College, which handles issues, related to overseas students. Meanwhile, tuition is on the lower end of the scale.
Many scholarships are available for merit students.
  1. Chinese government Scholarship
  2. Jasmine Jiangsu scholarship
  3. Jiangsu University Scholarship
Course Duration: 5+1(Internship)
  1 St Year 2Nd-5Th YEAR
Application Fee 500 RMB/5000 INR  
Tuition Fee 30000 RMB/300000 INR 30000 RMB/300000 INR
Books 600 RMB/6000 INR 600 RMB/6000 INR
Hostel Fee 4300 RMB/43000 INR 4300 RMB/43000 INR
Residence permit 400 RMB/4000 INR 400 RMB/4000 INR
Insurance 600 RMB/6000 INR 600 RMB/6000 INR
TOTAL 36400 RMB/ 364000 INR 35900 RMB/359000 INR

3.59 lakhs/year approx.*

  • Above mention currency is calculated as 1 RMB = 10 INR, Students should check the current rate while paying the fee.
  • Fees should be paid directly to the university by cash/DD/Wire transfer
  • Internship is optional, Can be done in India/China. If student prefers to do internship in China he/she has to pay the university fee.
Jiangsu University Jiangsu University Jiangsu University Jiangsu University
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