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Huazhong University

Huazhong University Huazhong University
Huazhong University
About University
A top 10 Chinese university, subject ranks top 5
  • Top 10 in China
  • Top 301-400 in the world
  • 98th ranking in Asia
  • Huazhong University of Science and technology (HUST) is a key university directly under the administration of Ministry of Education of P.R China
  • The University has gained the rapidest development among the universities of China in the past 60 years and has been hailed as “the epilome of the development of China's higher education”
  • Huazhong Institute of Technology (HIT) is known as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) of CHINA
  • University is with in a total area of 1,153 acres with 72% greenery coverage
  • Separate hostel accommodation for Boys & Girls and fully equipped
  • More than 3000 full-time teachers, including 900 professors and 1,200 associate professors
  • 4 libraries with a collection of 5.79 million volumes
  • 21 National prizes for education reform, 49 National quality courses
  • Above 95% employment rate of graduates
  • The HUST staff are very helpful and friendly.
Fees of Huazhong University
Course Duration: 5+1(Internship)
  1 St Year 2Nd-5Th YEAR
Application Fee 600 RMB/6000 INR  
Tuition Fee 40000 RMB/400000 INR 40000 RMB/400000 INR
Books 800 RMB/80000 INR 800 RMB/80000 INR
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB/50000 INR 5000 RMB/50000 INR
Residence permit 400 RMB/4000 INR 400 RMB/4000 INR
Insurance Provided by university Provided by university
TOTAL 46800 RMB/468000 INR 46200 RMB/462000 INR

4.62 lakhs/year approx.*

  1. Chinese government Scholarship
  2. Confucius Institute Scholarship
  3. HUST President Scholarship
  • Above mention currency is calculated as 1 RMB = 10 INR, Students should check the current rate while paying the fee.
  • Fees should be paid directly to the university by cash/DD/Wire transfer
  • Internship is optional, Can be done in India/China. If student prefers to do internship in China he/she has to pay the university fee.
Huazhong University Huazhong University Huazhong University Huazhong University
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